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A deep man's voice (kinda like the CNN guy's voice, or the guy who narrorates all the commericals on Omni 1 and 2 (two Toronto Channels)) that could also be raspy, and coarse (such as the lead singer in the Nightmare Band, from Emmet Otter's Jug-Band Christmas). Most common words said are "yyeeeaaahhh", "hhmmmmmmmmm....yyeeeaahhh", and "I'm gonna rape you.......hhmmmmmmmmm....yyeeeaahhh".
person: "With all due respect sir, your voice reminds me of a rapist voice."

rapist: "Sweatie...that's because I AM a rapist! Now lean forward and take off yo pants: I'm gonna rape yo ass.......hhmmmmmmmmm....yyeeeaahhh!"
by kuckapoo February 02, 2007

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