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A deep man's voice (kinda like the CNN guy's voice, or the guy who narrorates all the commericals on Omni 1 and 2 (two Toronto Channels)) that could also be raspy, and coarse (such as the lead singer in the Nightmare Band, from Emmet Otter's Jug-Band Christmas). Most common words said are "yyeeeaaahhh", "hhmmmmmmmmm....yyeeeaahhh", and "I'm gonna rape you.......hhmmmmmmmmm....yyeeeaahhh".
person: "With all due respect sir, your voice reminds me of a rapist voice."

rapist: "Sweatie...that's because I AM a rapist! Now lean forward and take off yo pants: I'm gonna rape yo ass.......hhmmmmmmmmm....yyeeeaahhh!"
by kuckapoo February 02, 2007
You deserve to be slapped for looking up dictionary in the dictionary!......retard!
If some one is dumb enough to look up dictionary IN a dictionary, is an example really going to be sufficient to clear things up for them?
by kuckapoo February 04, 2007
A coloured pancake lady who, with the a gap in her front teeth, and the right hair style, can look like Condolessa Rice. In the earlier sketches of Auntie Jemima she is an older woman, but as society became more demanding the picture has been modified to a sexy woman at the tender age of 70. Her "syrup" is really all the "-glouscoses" mixed with water.
It is a common misconception that Aunt Jemima is married to Uncle Ben (hence their daughter Condolessa Rice), but she is actually a lesbien and is with Betty Crocker... now THAT'S some food for though!
by kuckapoo February 14, 2007

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