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1:a word used 2 describe an individual who is so hot u'd rape them. 2: or just an awesome thing ingeneral aka the new cool. 3. the new inside joke between friends.
1: dude did u see that girl? shes rapetastic
2: man i'm telling u i was balling yesterday i made so many rapetastic shots.
3: ha ha man u said whose rapetastic? shit u must be high.
by bamfwriter May 26, 2009
used to describe a situation or person where rape is easy and fun!
Tha bootay on dat hoe is simply rapetastic.
by DereQ Revolution April 06, 2008
Something you say when you want someone to leave you the fuck alone. It is derived from the word "fantastic" which is something you may expect after asking the semi-retarded question "How are you doing?"
Annoying Person: nyee, *snort* Hows it going, my buddy?

Non Pervert: Rapetastic!

Annoying Person: What?!

Non Pervert: The community is building an elementary school exactly 500 feet from my house!

Annoying Person: uhhh... see ya
by Biblebasher4jesus November 29, 2010
Something or someone that is fantastic yet creepy or disgusting.
That shirt your wearing if rapetastic
by ramo77 March 14, 2009
to rape something so hard your body would implode of just the thought of it
mike was so rapetastic on halo 2 he made is commit sucide
by Superdeluxe April 06, 2007