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A new genre of music combining the centuries-revered tradition of classical music with the coarse, raw beats of rap. Predictably, the two elements of rapera mix about as well as oil and vinegar in a salad dressing: you can shake it up and it sort of seems to work for a second, but when you look at it after any length of time it just falls apart.
Contrary to popular belief, rapera was NOT conceived in July 2009, but at least a whole year earlier, with the composition by artist CWiggz of the full-length work entitled "Rapera" in all its glory.
Example lyric: (sung) "Let's commence the Rapera!"
Example lyric: (sung) "For ten days I traveled/ Out of the Earth/ To the land of the gods/ And found them quite curt./ If we want to save the planet,/ Come let's go/ It's time to plan it."
Example lyric: (spoken) "This boy speaks false!/ (rest)Why should we listen to his/ (rest) bleak waltz!... Whoever raised him fathered a phony!/ I say we burn him/ Watch him fry!"

Example lyric: (sung) "We the gods/ Have come to speak/ To tell you of/ Your future bleak./ We are concerned/ And seek to chat/ We gave you power/ We want it back. (spoken) Listen up! You're sure to fumble!/ Your world will burst in rubble!/ The rocks fall/ This verse is trouble/ Truth-time humans, your curses double!/ Unless you stand and make amends/ Your world shall shake and end!/ Ten moons hence, an earthquake so huge that when all is told/ You'll be swallowed whole!"
this is the word given to a new musical genre that combines rap with opera to form a new sensational sound that wakes up the raging tiger within you.

It was first introduced in july 2009, by a musical group from ohio.
Kyle: Wow this music sure is lame. There is never anything good to listen to anymore. I swear my ears are turning to pudding.
Stephanie: Here Kyle, try listening to this new genre rapera, that combines rap with opera to form a sound you can't disagree with!
by Smalls Shmeegle. July 19, 2009