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Rapekissing - 1. the act of forcing your tongue into an unwilling participants mouth, without the slightest invitation/warning. Will usually get you smacked. 2. to attempt to kiss someone while they are speaking. 3. To plunder or pillage as a sign of affection.

I turned around to say something and he rapekissed me!
#rapkiss #assault #relentless #unwilling #surprise
by Seahag June 09, 2006
the act of an unwanted kiss that is repeated after the kissee protests
bob: (kisses girl out of nowhere)
betty: what the hell are you doing? ew stop!
bob: (kisses girl again, until he is finished kissing)


bob: man, i totally rape kissed betty last night. she told me to stop, but no usually means yes anyway.
#surprise kiss #kiss #rape #domination #make out
by nicole and chris March 04, 2009
When a boy kisses you without your consent or forces you to kiss him when you are not sure
Austin: come on let's kiss
Emily: nooooo
Austin: *kisses anyways*
Emily: you just rape kissed me!
#rape #kiss #tape kiss #kissing #tape
by Propertyofaustin June 06, 2014
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