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Professional Boxer Mike Tyson
Remember when Rape Ape bit off that Holifield guy's ear? That fucking ruled!
by Aesop April 30, 2004
The Rape Ape is an oversized purplish-colored gorilla sporting several penii, constantly on the hunt for opportunities to commit acts of rape. He enjoys attending parties and molesting the attendees as often as possible.

DISCLAIMER: The Rape Ape only molests females of legal age.
Girl #12: "Uh oh, here he comes again..."
Rape Ape: "Rape Ape! Rape Ape!"
Girl #12: "AAAGH! He's on me!"
Girl #13: "He's got at least five dicks! Look out!"
Rape Ape: "Rape Ape! Rape Ape!"
Girl #11: "Ooooh!"

The Rape Ape molests the girls and everyone wakes up with a smile.
by Almighty Banyan June 04, 2011
An ancient Chinese ape called a Jue Yuan that would kidnap, rape, and impregnate human women according to legend.
The Chinese say if a monkey lives 1,300 years it becomes a rape ape.
by Travoltron June 17, 2016
The one who's going around raping all these statues.
What kind of sick bastard would rape a cast bronze statue?
A mans junk could have never made this kind of damage.
Well what then?
A gorilla sir, a gorilla's junk would big enough.
A raping gorilla? Good lord it must have been rape ape!!!
by Xander Freakin Crews February 20, 2009
A burly fratboy who slips mickeys in girl's drinks and then bangs them.
-What happened to Shirley last night?
-She got d.r.ed by some rapeape.
by Bum Stigity Bum February 13, 2010
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