To Pwn, own, or annihilate.

The Unlawful use of one's reproductive organs and/or pooper.
1.) Lets rape these guys!
2.) Lets rape these guys!
by Crack ho Magazine May 14, 2009
A terrible crime, if not worst, that is frowned upon even by prisoners.
Prison Inmate : What are you in here for?
Rapist : I raped a girl
Prison Inmate : *stab*
by Billy Billster June 21, 2009
The most misused word in the English language.
"I rape you with a gravity hammer"
"Dude, you just got raped by a camper"
"That noob on /b/ got raped"
by SecretAznMan May 20, 2009
A totally fucked up crime that should never, ever happen to anyone. The rapist could act this way because of having extreme sexual deprivation from parents, or simply because he's obsessed with power. Sometimes, it will start with showing the woman about sex parts, if not that then talking about it, and not in a way where you're confused and need help either. Afterwards, he might try to have the woman touch his sex parts, and then he'll usually touch her sexually. Eventually, after all this, he will try to dupe the woman into some place where it's hard for him to get caught, and rape her. There are different forms of how rape starts, but mostly it starts like that, so all you females out there watch out for that. If you women out there are reading this, I want y'all to know one thing: If a dude tries to rape you, the first thing you should always do is kick him in his nuts! If you even carry a Tazer Gun with you, use that too! And then get help, because you don't deserve that at all. Remember; No means no, you sick bastards!!!
Every year, at least 1,000 women are raped, probably more than that, because of sick, depraved lunatics.
by CG2079 August 19, 2005
the crime of forced sexual intercourse. rape is not erotic and it is not about sex. it is an unjustifiable, violent hate crime.
Robert raped Audrey and will consequentally spend 5 years in jail, but she is now faced with attempting to rebuild her faith in men and comfort in her own sexuality.
by violet February 20, 2004
Proof, among many other things, that humanity fails.
People think that rape is a JOKE? Are you shitting me?

I just re-lost my faith in humanity. -_-
by Chop Suey August 25, 2007
Are you lot mentally ill or something? Rape isnt something which you do for fun, its disgusting.
Rape is a digusting crime against human beings.
by Ant February 17, 2005
Originally, the word rape was akin to rapine, rapture, raptor, and rapacious, and referred to the more general violations, such as looting, destruction, and capture of citizens that are inflicted upon a town or country during war, eg. the Rape of Nanking. Today, some dictionaries still define rape to include any serious and destructive assault against a person or community.

English rape was in use since the 14th century in the general sense of "seize prey, take by force," from raper, an Old French legal term for "to seize", in turn from Latin rapere "seize, carry off by force, abduct". The Latin term was also used for sexual violation, but only very rarely. The legendary event known as the "Rape of the Sabine Women", while ultimately motivated sexually, did not entail sexual violation of the Sabine women on the spot, who were rather abducted, and then implored by the Romans to marry them (as opposed to striking a deal with their fathers or brothers first, as would have been required by law).

Though the sexual connotation is today dominant, the word "rape" can be used in non-sexual context in literary English. In "the rape of the Silmarils" in J. R. R. Tolkien's "The Silmarillion", the word "rape" is used with its old meaning of "seizing and taking away". In Alexander Pope's The Rape of the Lock, the word "rape" is used hyperbolically, exaggerating a trivial violation against a person. Compare also the adjective rapacious which retains the generic meaning.

Sometimes, the word rape is used colloquially to dysphemistically describe forms of non-sexual unwelcome conduct, or metaphorically referring to environmental destruction, possibly implying a female gender of the Earth (Gaia). Other than in literary usage discussed above, this use of the term is unrelated to the original sense of "abduction" or "carrying off" and implies a comparison with sexual violation. In "The Rape of Nanking" actual mass rape and mass murder is summarized by naming the city as the object of the rape.
1. "Brandon raped me!"

2. "My team got raped on the field yesterday"

3. "The rape of the Earth"
by Ze Muffinman July 01, 2006

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