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A bush league Commie-Nazi social media control group that got blown the fuck out by a hacker on steroids known as 4chan.
"Rantic did really well at hiding their apache server data from anons. Good job scrubs, 1v1 me in Brood War sometime."
by MasterChiefFloyd September 23, 2014
Strong and rebellious. Resisting treatment or control.
His rantic attitude set him apart from the crowd.
She went rantic at the party.
by Erin Taylor July 16, 2006
Remarkable behavior involving hyperbole, gross exaggeration and even hypocrisy used when emotively expressing extremist religious and/or political views
Glen Beck's rantics, although tiresome and pedantic, can also be train-wreck amusing in their absurdity and lack of truthiness.
by DJSpongeworthy May 05, 2010
A very small penis. sdfsdfagdfh
That guy has a rantic!
Dude, that girl said that that guy has a rantic!
by Joe Stevenson December 16, 2004
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