-a novel by Chuck Palahniuk (author of Fight Club)

-the titular character of the novel of the same name. His real name is Buster L. Casey but his nickname "Rant" came from a childhood prank involving animal organs which resulted in numerous people getting sick. As each person threw up, they made a sound that resembled the word "rant," which became a local synonym for "vomit" and Buster's nickname.
He starts a tooth fairy scheme involving gold pieces which changes the economy of his town, deliberately gets bitten by spiders, snakes, coyotes, etc. until he gets rabies, spreads it other ppl and then moves to the big city where he participates in a demolition derby known as "Party Crashing".

-to throw up or vomit. originates from the book "Rant".
Guy 1: I like Fight Club.
Guy 2: Read Rant.
Guy 1: Why? Reading is stupid.
Guy 2: No U. (wins argument)

Tyler: I remember Rant Casey. He personally gave me rabies.
Jack: Bull****. You just want to be famous by association with Rant. You never actually met him did you?
Tyler: Actually I did. He had jet-black teeth, and rumor has it that he invented Party Crashing. (wins a gold coin dated 1887)

Girl 1: Holy crap I feel sick.
Girl 2: Yeah, what's up?
Girl 1: I think I'm gonna rant.
Girl 2: No U. (wins NOT-VOMIT)
by Raye Penbar December 15, 2008
Short for retarded pants. Used to describe capri pants.
That girl looks stupid wearing those rants.
by Stan Andrews June 29, 2008
word used when extremly annoyed
maccas and gilly are competeing in ancient history exam. when maccas find out gilly beat him by 2 marks he yells
by baldeagle111 April 03, 2009
someone with goofy features, acts like a nerd
I hate my school because its filled with rants.
by yaboydomo November 20, 2009
When a player(s) on different teams or the same team in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 undergo a savage onslaught by the opposing team to the point were either domination of the entire team/ player is taking place or it is being executed to the opposing team in the same manner
Boy we getting "Rant" in this bitch, they have all flags taken, and we can't even get out of the got damn House.

Boy Dem boys got rant like a mug, yah feel me kenfolk!
by Bishop Willy January 04, 2010
The Poor White Persons version of RAP, in the sense that it a specific kind of spoken or written format, blending artistic expression, personal experience and politic protest and is usually written for an audience of peers in mind. Like RAP, it is an angry but non-violent form of political expression. Punk Music is to Ranting as Rap Music is to Rapping. Today, poor whites, perform Rants in pubs, pod-casts and on the Internet.

Anger is usually the fuel that oppressed people use to organize and fight for social and political change. Since Rich Whites don't want change, they have re-defined the tradition of Ranting into something that is done by crazy, unstable people, used to incite violence the same way they have positioned, re-defineded and/or reacted to RAP and Rap Music.

Historically, in Old Europe, Rich Whites encouraged Poor Whites to physically fight each other, Boxing, and outlawed Ranting in many cities and countries. Ranting like Rapping, is considered more dangerous then Boxing to the White Power Structure, because it encourages poor people to become personally and actively politically engaged and to collectively direct their anger outwards in organized political action rather then inwards, towards each other.

Speakers Corner in Hyde Park, London England is the oldest Public Ranting Space and has had such people as George Orwell and Karl Marx Rant there. It is still the place in England where The Poor gather to protest. A recent anti-war protest at Speakers Corner was banned for "safety," reasons.
Let's go over to Speaker's Corner in Hyde Park and listen to the Rants.

Rick Mercier became famous in Canada for his ranting on This Hour Has Twenty Two Minutes.

Did you hear her brilliant rant against Rich Whites at the pub last night?
by punkgirl November 14, 2006
to talk passive aggressively about something without having the guts to take real action. ranting usually takes place behind someone's back or safely on the internet behind the computer screen. to rant is to talk big but to have little balls. ranting also refers to the politically and religiously self riteous who talk a bunch of useless bullshit that makes no difference but expects everyone to aggree.
some guy made a bunch of nasty racist rants on the internet because he knew if he did it face to face he would have gotten his fucken face kicked in.
by eazy-x January 02, 2008

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