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Father of Stan Marsh in South park. Can be overdramatic at times and is one of the most prominent parent characters in South Park. Has a drinking problem and is discreetly gay.
Randy Marsh has many memorable moments such as fighting with parents at Little League baseball games.
by saurabh222 June 21, 2007
To take a huge crap. It may happen more than once a day. It is so big that you lose feeling in your legs and you think that your abdomen has imploded.
In reference to the South Park episode "More Crap" in which Randy Marsh takes the world's largest crap.
Guy 1: Are you okay?
Guy 2: Yeah, I just made a Randy Marsh upstairs.
Guy 1: Wow, did you run out of toilet paper? It must have been huge.
Guy 2. It was. It was a Randy Marsh.
by anubis2779 November 29, 2007

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