The art of being random.
I can't believe she said that in front of all those people. It was the hugest display of randomness I've ever seen.

That is the total randomness.

You really need to work on your randomness. Live a little!

by XShotgunXRomanceX February 27, 2009
something that is rather random, hence the term randomness being used. this 'something' is usually un-expected, or doesn't happen on a regular basis.
"this book is full of randomness"
by Kitty Raaaa May 11, 2004
ducks. tuesdays. lawnmower garden gnome plus seven! rainbow cookies fanbelt satan! CANCER!!!!

randomness at its best.
billy: oh hello there sue

sue: hello billy


sue:....*walks away slowly*

-all in all, randomness is the best... muffins.
by tap3w0rm April 10, 2006
a word used to define many things that are random
bob: hey look at all these things

mary: wow...randomness.
by *gem* May 15, 2005
A word which means random, but on a much bigger scale! I love this word, it's my word!
Wow! A bit of randomness going on there!
by shae kyewl July 23, 2006
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