The savior cloud floating around in the Yoshi's Story stage in Super Smash Bros. Melee.
Player 1: How did you not die from that Falco spike?
Player 2: I got saved by Randall!
by Stanman128 March 10, 2016
A reptilian while male, with lizard like qualities. He obtains leadership power yet nobody likes him. Qualities: slimey, flakey, and just off-putting in general. They are often nasty smelling, and hunch backed due to accumulation of sin.

**Can be applicable to any male**

Added visuals: Randall from Monsters Inc. and Randall from Recess
Sam was being such a Randall the other day when he licked candy and then put them back in their wrappers.

Bobby is such a Randall... he made up rumors just so he could become student body president.

Frank was a total Randall yesterday. He called the cops on our roommates and got them mipped, just so he could study.
by mermaidlady September 29, 2014
To "randall" around would be to act out in an immature fashion. To be a "randall" would mean annoying those around you, and embarrassing yourself. "Randalling" around is frowned upon by most, with most cases of tomfoolery being reported to the police. Randalling is highly illegal in both Northern and Souther Korea.
"Will you stop randalling around! You're embarrassing yourself!"
by Crawf21 December 02, 2010
randall, a word that can be used as a noun, pronoun, verb, proverb, adjective, proadjective and all the other parts of speeches. you may use this word when you are trying to compliment someone. martin luther king once stated in his speech this word, "I have a dream that all african americans will live in peace and harmony. I have a dream that all racism will stop and the world will become randall."
Ew, its esfil.
Im walking on randall WOOOOOOHHH!
His jordans are so fucking Randall nigga! whhaaaaat!?
by yourmomsasshole March 30, 2011
Anything you can think of using it for.
damn dude i randalled that test!
why are you being such a randall?
i was randalling all over the place and my mom came in
by nicoson93 April 01, 2010
you just don't know when to stop
Josh pulled a Randall.
by Who am you? February 07, 2010
A Gay Old Man That Cant Shut The Fuck Up
Thats A Randall Stay Away From Him He Has A Disease.
by KotaKane2016 July 28, 2011
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