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A modern form of dance created by Key-hoe.
We ranced all night in Downunder.
by Joair April 16, 2007
The combination of genres of Rap or hip hop over a Dance Music beat.
The Collection of a traditional Rapper or hip hop artist, Singing over a Faster pace Dance beat.
Hace you heard that new Rance song by Akon and David Guetta.
Snoop Dogg & DAvid Guetta - Wet
Akon with David Guetta - sexy bitch
Chris Brown with Benny Bennassi - Beautiful People
Tinie Tempah & Swedish House mafia- Miami to ibiza
Ian Carey & Snoop Dogg - Last Night
Rhianna & Guetta- Who's that chick
by Bomber_man April 27, 2011
this is a short word for "rancid"
Beth: "omgg look at that over there!!!"
Amy: "eeuurgh thats FULL ON RANCE that babe"
A box of any kind usually one that comes from the ups.
They found a flattend rance in the garbage.
by Jamba Bear March 06, 2008
A supposedly famous Hollywood insider who runs a bitchy gossip blog under the pen name Rance, a play on the word "rants." As of this writing, Rance's identity is unknown, but some have suggested it's Owen Wilson, Ben Affleck, or other notable actors.
I read on Rance's website that Barbara Streisand is even cheaper than people already think.
by Neilmiser June 01, 2004