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As a 12 year old many would expect I would like this show. But it's a bit mindless. When she puts on a wig, she's suddenly a pop star?? The acting isn't so fresh either. True, the show is for children, but we could be watching better shows. Like..Naked Brothers Band? Hey, at least THEY can sing, and the show has a purpose/message.
Hannah Montana has a weird and twangy voice, not that southern accents are bad but hers is just...annoying.
by K_rachel_O October 27, 2007
The first and best punk group ever. Formed in 1974, original members were Joey (vocals), Johnny (guitar), Dee Dee (bass; left in 1989 but was there for the best years), and Tommy (drums; left in 1979 and replaced by Marky, who was replaced by Richie but Marky returned soon after). They invented the genre we now know as punk. Their first album, Ramones, was a groundbreaking record. The band remained awesome for decades longer. Some of their best songs are Blitzkrieg Bop (Hey! Ho! Lets go!), I wanna be Sedated, Teenage Lobotomy, Pinhead, Judy is a Punk, Sheena is a Punk Rocker, We're a happy family, Glad to see you go, Rockaway Beach, and Commando. Personally, I believe their worst song was The Crusher because of the inadequate vocals that really don't sound like Joey. The band remained together until 1996. Joey died of lymphoma in '01, Dee Dee died of a drug overdose in June of '02, and Johnny died of prostate cancer in '04. They were inducted into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame in April 2002. I get called obsessed and am criticized for liking the Ramones at my school, but only a fiendish mango could not help but like this awesome band. And although the main members are dead, the legacy of The Ramones will probably last for centuries to come.
Retarded Fool: I hate the Ramones!
Me and all the other cool people who are there: Gabba Gabba Hey!(throws potatoes at Retarded Fool)
by K_rachel_O March 09, 2008
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