A sex position where two females in the doggy-style position are in front of the male, facing away at oppsosite 45 degree angles. The male grabs a pony tail in each hand and intercourse commences. The females stay in the same place. The term "rambo" is coined because rambo holds one gun in each hand.
"Dude, convinced those two girls from class to do the Rambo Train with me, shit was so cash."
by USSoldier239 March 10, 2010
When you beat the living hell out of someone.
You know my first impulse was to run up on you and do a Rambo.

Oran "Juice" Jones - The Rain (1989)
by Joe Millionaire January 11, 2004
VERB: To approach a task with great energy or intensity.
I know the term paper is due tomorrow, I'm just gonna Rambo it tonight.
by The Demon Prince October 01, 2006
A single unit in a military board game that survives even when greatly outnumbered.
His rambo fended off 20 enemy units in Kamchatka.
by edmond March 05, 2004
rambo has a couple meanings

1. verb - to use extreme force on a certain object or person

2. another word for intense or crazy

"dude your mom was so good last night." "Shut up before I Rambo you in the face!!"

"hey dude that show last night was so rambo!"
by Trent Westenfelt April 04, 2008
Adj. to all out punish some one;to beat them up; someone who is a great fighter; to pwn ex. In The Patriot, Mel goes and Rambos Everyone


Chuck Norris is a rambo

Dude! that gang just tried to jump me and I totally Ramboed them!

(during a fight) Help me out! there Ramboing me!

by Kevinxmaa October 16, 2008
A game in which there are runners and a chasing car with a runner. the runners start at a predetermined location and get to another location before the chaser car finds you and the runner tags you.
say: 10 runners.

1 car with a runner

the 10 start at point A and run to point B without being caught by the runner in the car.

thats Rambo
by Hippopotamoussss November 20, 2010

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