rambo: Adv. - An unreasonably audacious or ballsy move, play or maneuver.
I saw some chick peeing off the side of a roof... That shit was rambo.
by w00tard April 04, 2010
To physically have a large boner.
Oh shit, I got a Rambo.
by redheademon May 08, 2013
The term "rambo" is used commonly to describe a person who is reckless, disregards orders, uses violence to solve all problems, exceptionally tough and aggressive
yo you see son over there he a rambo for real
by newyorkcityroyalty January 08, 2013
A boner that goes off randomly at any time.
Fuck dude, I got a rambo today in Math. It was so fucking annoying.
by Mahammed Snickers September 30, 2012
nothing can beat him, so strong that he can rip someones head off
you better watch out here comes rambo!
by coco8329893082098 May 14, 2011
Bullets. Used in Call of Duty (and other shooters) cuz you pretty much have to go Rambo in single player to get anywhere, or the enemies just keep coming. Used in sense of automatic weapons, as that's pretty mush all Rambo used.
(Playing Co-Op Call of Duty 5)
Guy #1: Damn, I'm getting points like crazy!
Guy #2: Yo, move up! I'm almost out of Ramboes!
by salkmrhkqagbj May 08, 2009
My coworker's definition:
It mean going wild and messing up and burining down, shooting crazy
I will rebuild smoketest2 in 5 mins and will be ramboing sm2 db
by violetdream July 31, 2008

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