A fictional Hollywood hero who portrays Vietnam veterans as maladapted losers, played by a steroidal actor who avoided the draft and dropped out of special ed in the 10th grade.
In a fit of rage brought on by post- traumatic stress disorder, haunting nightmares of bedwetting through age 12, and his seeming inability to enunciate words in excess of two syllables Rambo repeatedly thrust his fecal coated bayonet into the belly of the greedy industrialist who made his fortune by polluting the environment and clubbing baby harp seals to death for their soft, downy fur.
by harry flashman July 14, 2003
when a man ejaculates around the circumferance of a womans head to resemble john rambo's bandana
last thursday, the way that bitch carrol was sucking my dick was beginig to piss me off. so i gave ass a rambo.
by heath pleasure July 10, 2008
R.A.M.B.O is an amazing hardcore band everyone should listen to by law. they hail from philadelphia, ra, usa.
R.A.M.B.O. lyrics for "Ulock Justice."

for every time i hear them say, get the fuck out of the way,
i will defend my right of way, that heap of steel i'm gonna slay,
i'll thrash you i'll bash you,
i'll kick in your doors, break out your windows and scratch up your point,
apologize for oil wars, apologize for polluting my air,
in some cases cars are Ok, but when i'm on the street you're all my enemies.

keep your u lock handy to fight back, take out a window, break off a mirror or knock out some teeth.

by maniaxe August 18, 2006
a man who has a speech impediment, but can kick some serious arse!!!!!
can someone please tell rambo that he is not a flying squirell
by jimmy vincent May 12, 2006
A guy who makes a ton of money.
Man, the guy is a Rambo. I am telling you, he pulled a 1mil bonus last year, bought a 150 thou.Porsche Carrera Turbo.
by George the nerd November 10, 2006
1 - Rambo is a Tuskan warrior that can destroy an entire planet just using a blade of grass. He was created in the year 2000 in Germany by a couple of people named Cheskvok and Rudo.

2 - To beat the hell out of defenseless marcupials.
1 - I ,Rambo, do not need to eat ever again cause I was created by germans.

2 - come back here you defenseless koala..I'm gonna go Rambo on your ass.
by Kadaken January 09, 2005
Any girl named "Rebecca" or "Becky" (for short) who happens to be way too intense and bitchy...

Any, all around bitch of a girl who clears the room with her arrival...

Only has angry Rambo sex...
God! Did you hear Rambo in class? I thought she was about to pull a gat and pop some caps up in dat shit!!
by Glam Glam September 20, 2006
Somebody a whole army of rocket launchers/uzis/automatic rifles-using soldiers can't even hit, but he can kill a whole army with two bullets.
by Delf June 23, 2003
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