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Taken from the mild-mannered, mustachioed, thick-rimmed glasses wearing, former NBAer Kurt Rambis. This word is used to define something or someone who is fair-to-middling, alright, or just plain okay.
Dude A: "I was at this party and some dude sold me some bud"
Dude B: "Sweet dood... how is it?"
Dude C: "That same dude hit me up - his shit is rambis at best."
by Kutcher March 26, 2009
"Rambis" is a verb, noun, adjective, or interjection that is used to indicate that someone gave 110 percent or did a great job on something by working extra hard, often despite an innate lack of special talent. Named for Laker forward Kurt Rambis, who earned a starting job on the Laker dynasty despite not having the most natural talent on the team because he was always willing to dive for that loose ball, etc.
Example as verb: "Dude, I totally Rambissed on that assignment."

Example as noun: "You finished the entire kitchen already? You are such a Rambis!"

Example as adjective: "I was worried about it, but I found this total Rambis mechanic who says he can fix it."

Example as interjection: "Hey, I got 100 on that test!" "Rambis!"
by the213 January 20, 2014
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