3 definitions by Kutcher

(1) special duds awarded by Bruce Dickinson symbolizing one's ascension to Awesome Town.

(2) the inferior option below diamond and platinum plated diapers worn by babies who are ghetto fabulous

"I gots to git my paper up. My boys are still wearin' gold plated diapers and shit."

"Babies...before we're done here...y'all be wearing gold plated diapers" - Chris Walken as Bruce Dickinson
by Kutcher March 26, 2009
Perhaps the worst of all boners, this boner occurs when one really has to piss. It normally appears during what was originally an uneventful walk to class, or whilst playing a friendly game of Parcheesi with some bomb-ass broads. Only goes away after relieving oneself...

Control your fluid intake, you idiot. No one wants one of these bad boys to pop up in the middle of nowhere.
"Dude you ready to go now?"

"Can't brah; I've got a raging boner of the urinary variety.

"A urinary boner?!? I understand..."
by Kutcher March 26, 2009
Taken from the mild-mannered, mustachioed, thick-rimmed glasses wearing, former NBAer Kurt Rambis. This word is used to define something or someone who is fair-to-middling, alright, or just plain okay.
Dude A: "I was at this party and some dude sold me some bud"
Dude B: "Sweet dood... how is it?"
Dude C: "That same dude hit me up - his shit is rambis at best."
by Kutcher March 26, 2009

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