'Ram It' is another way of telling somebody to either 'Shut up' or 'Go away'.
Used in agressive situations, although also used for comical banter, 'Ram It' is the perfect term to use instead of the conventional 'Shut up'.
"Ram it, you!"

"Could you please RAM IT!?"

"Ram it, I don't want to hear your voice!"
by CJdamaster December 24, 2008
Top Definition
ram your fingers up your fanny
'ram it bitch ram it'
by benaaaa February 26, 2007
An expression used to define the level of force needed to complete a violent action.
Often accompanied by the phrase in your ass.
Often seen as a bumper sticker on Dodge trucks.
Ram it in your ass.
by jsd96321 January 20, 2012
This word can be used when telling someone to go for it
should i ask snape out?
Yeah, ram it
by Avidfan and Dark-skye December 29, 2004
someone is annoying you and u want them to "bog off"
"ram it yi fennie"
by spaz April 02, 2003

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