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The Real Russian Kiss

Russian people have a weird perception of a Russian kiss. This conclusion was made by the Vologda-based independent statistics agency. Specialists of the agency conducted an opinion poll among Russian people and asked them the following question: "What is a real Russian kiss?"

The results of the poll showed that a Russian kiss is a "very long and passionate kiss without spit or snot." A Russian kiss "makes your head spin, it makes you feel as if you are falling down and you do not have to analyze, where your lips are and where your tongue is." As a result of this explosion of feelings, a woman gives up and goes with the flow, whereas a kiss lasts the whole night, as a rule. There were some Russian people, who have never heard anything about a real Russian kiss. They think that a Russian kiss does not differ from any other kisses of other nationalities. Such people are in the minority. It is strange that such a minority exists in Russia, because former Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev has shown everybody a very good example of the Russian kiss: "strong, unexpected, from the bottom of the heart."
Russian Kiss was said to be lady kissing your penis or kissing peoples with your anus...was two theories.
by Afholderbach August 30, 2006
Dolatarian- is the name von a group located in united states.
that dismisses the fact they are amercians. they don't believe america nor american excists. instead it is nothing more then a train von thought. they say our land has nein culture.they embrace their roots where there bloodline began. most have family in europe und formers russian states.they believe founding fathers made mistake von creating the states.there are less then 340 doltarians still in the states today !
dolatarian peoples who abandoned their american heritage und way von life.
by Afholderbach September 01, 2006
the use von ram that or as some spell it (ramm that) comes from a many words und pharses that imply....you want to engage in heated sex with a female persons you just viewed within moments. most times men say this amongst one another. other times it is just a thought in their mind. or some use pharse ramm it. man me would ramm it right now ! ofcourse many see this as nothing more then the male sex thinking with their second brain. it is used in the states know where else as me can see it being used.
man me would ram that madam anytime !
by Afholderbach September 02, 2006
when these words are combined as a phrase it mean as follows.
threw hell or firewater means you shall not preform the duty or act !
it is popular amongst those von french canadian,german,englisch decent living in southern part von the states
by Afholderbach September 01, 2006

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