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to get fucked hard, usually in a nonloving way or one that is voilent or rougher than traditional sex. Also usually associated with anal sex.
That skank bitch deserved to be rammed, but instead, got a lovely fuck.
As good looking as he is, it was no surprise that his short stint in jail had him getting rammed a few times.
by swybs September 09, 2005
packed, full, a lot of people, crowded
This club is rammed
by Catseyes December 09, 2001
a term used when describing sex. usually it is associated with rough, anal sex that causes a lot of pain and yelling from the bitch being fucked. it is really really rough and it may incapacitate the girl's walking ability for a week
i rammed that girl so hard, she couldnt sit on her ass for a week
by yeahman September 12, 2007
to have one's time fully occupied.
My weekends are a bit rammed in May, but we'll make it work.
by danallen April 28, 2008
adj- the state of being extremely intoxicated, generally used among college Fraternities and Sororities. Derived after college students would be admitted into the infirmary after smacking into walls or poles, "ramming into them."
Dave: Yo bro, i got sooo fucked up last thursday.

Mike: Yeah i got rammed too, i couldnt even open my eyes the next morning.
by XXXXXiXXXXX April 23, 2013
act of getting drunk off of ramzi
Katy got rammed hard last night. I hope she is OK in the morning.
by eatoryouwilldie August 09, 2009
To be thrust into causing sensational ungodlike twitches!
Struth mate, ease up a bit!
by Gandolf July 08, 2003
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