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When a man receives oral sex, the female preforming the task combines teeth to the point where the act is no longer enjoyable. hummer, oral, sex, BJ, cocksmoker
I talked this chic into giving me a BJ, no knowing she was a raker.
by Flynn Daddy July 17, 2006
An adjective used to describe a positive tangable or untangable object or situation. Often used in the North East of England.
A: What ye been buying at Greggs like?
B: Bought meself a chicken bake
A: How is it?
B: It is proper raker
by Swagger Cookie April 08, 2010
Rakers is slang for herbal ecstasy pills: origin rathlan isle festival.
Get the rakers out bai!!!!

any rakers?

by c0deage January 08, 2010
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