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To make fun of someone, to make a joke out of them
"He got raked so much last night he nearly cried."
"i'm gonna rake him about getting wasted last night so much"
by JammyBambi March 23, 2006
To get really really drunk.
The same as ball bagged
"i was wreckoed last night on my own"
"thats not cool. you're a fruit"
by JammyBambi March 23, 2006
To feel stupid for doing something that is, in all honesty, stupid.
"I felt like a right spare dick when I dropped a tennar in the park bin and had to hoke around to get it out."
"Yes you did indeed look like a twat"
by JammyBambi March 23, 2006
To get found out for doing something wrong which you did actually do.
He got scooped for graffiting the park bench and was grounded for 3 weeks.
by JammyBambi March 23, 2006
To get so drunk, drunk enough to do something very humourous that you will be raked about for weeks
Origniated in Northern Ireland
"he was ball bagged the fuck last night"
"as were you. you got off with a guy"
"o dear. that is embarassing"
by JammyBambi March 23, 2006

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