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its a hindi word meaning silver
rajat padak .... silver medal
by Rajat November 30, 2006
87 14
An entitiy that possess kind heartedness, sensitivity and a strong will. They have gained lots of world wisdom and experience. They follow their hearts and appreciate minimalism, especially the apple kind.
Girl: I feel Rajat within me.

Guy: Me too. It's awesome.
by Dr. Shazzles April 07, 2011
54 18
Extremely cute boy from Bombay that I accidentally ran into and fell in love with.
Rajat I love you, here, a PDA which wont make you mad! :)
by nuklu March 26, 2010
55 25
That super cute Indian boy you can't get out of your head...he's hilarious, you could talk to him for hours, and you know you'll have a great day when you are with him.
"What are you doing today?"
"Shopping with Rajat, obvi!"
by rajattajar February 19, 2012
26 7