Short for "raise up off deez nutz", it means to back off and quit grilling the person in question.
"Raise up off deez nutz, cuz Doctor Drizze's about to rizzip shit up." -Snoop Dogg, "Deeez Nuuuts"

Susan: "Chaz, I've been thinking about our relationship lately."
Chaz: "Yeah and I've been thinking about a fucking sandwich. Go make it."
Susan: "First of all, I'm concerned that you're not treating me as your equal."
Chaz: "Save it woman, I'm hungry."
Susan: "Also, we haven't been spending enough quality time together. How about we go out to dinner, on a date, like we did in the old days."
Chaz: "BITCH, raise up off!"
by Nick D October 24, 2004
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