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Serial anime picked up by A.D. Vision for release in the U.S. Story of Ayato Kamina on what is essentially a journey of self-discovery through his own life, through the responsibilities he inherits due to his ability to control the Xephon, and through the semi-deity only really known as Ixtli.

One could say this anime has both shoujo and shounen parts.
RahXephon is quite possibly the finest serial anime I've had the privledge to view.
by Wedge February 24, 2004

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A great anime series animated by the studio Bones with the most creative, most unexpected, and most charming ending of any series I've ever seen.
I applauded alone in my living room after I saw it.
by Kampfer July 14, 2004
An anime released by ADV about a kid pulled into the real world to learn that only he can pilot a large robot-like creature.
Great animation and good plot.
I watched RahXephon the other night.
by Camo-Kun August 27, 2003