To be a new male pornstar on the scene screwing several hundred women in one sitting.
You definitly pulled a ragu the other day at the porn shoot.
by Anonymous October 25, 2003
Top Definition
A hot girl of Italian ancestry
Wow, she is such a good ragu!
by Piranha October 29, 2004
A rich and meaty girl who is Italian are so ragu I want to lick you!
by Tully October 29, 2004
Rae and Ghost United.

Rae = Raekwon the Chef
Ghost = Ghostface Killah
The new album is slathered in R.A.G.U.
by verbalcontract August 01, 2008
Meaning pregnant, derived from the ever popular euphemism for said word: preggo, which to many sounds suspiciously like a certain brand name spaghetti sauce.
Person A: Did you hear about Becky?
Person B: Oh, yeah, heard she's totally ragu now. Four months and showing.
by Noir Mayhem September 11, 2010
Ragu is the definition of a personality type, a complete and total moron. A person who lies consistently and sits and play World-of Warcraft. This type of person will complain about not having a girl friend, yet they will sit an lock themselves in a room for days on end playing World-of-Warcraft which will know be know as "WOW". A "Ragu" does know know how to load dishes in the dishwasher...they will say "My moms dishwasher doesn't work that way". As you can see the "Ragu" personality is one that very few people can get along with.
Person A..."OMG Steve, whats wrong with him? He hasn't left his bedroom all weekend."

Person B..."That my dear is a 'RAGU'...I get he was playing WOW all weekend. Hey isn't he like 40?"
by humping harry October 05, 2013
Some fly ass pimp thats rich and meaty.
I'm Ragu, motherfucker. Im not faggy sweaty hairy greasy ass italian faggot punk rocker.
by Ghetto FAbulous January 17, 2004
minging girl who sleeps around
pete you must have caught something off that 'ragu' lover!
by master B November 20, 2003

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