The act of playing call of duty:world at war nazi zombies with a bunch of your homies. Somtimes drinking is involved and shit get's intense. want to fucking rage tonight?

Hey sorry i missed your call, I was raging.

Me and Tony broke the record last night when we raged.
by zackyv32 December 06, 2009
hardcore dancing, also known as slam dancing. Also, it is moshing where kids tend not to hit each other.
"I've been known to do some raging in my day."
by ominousragdoll05 November 04, 2006
if a person is unfortunate enough to have an undesirable characteristic, or something bad happens to them, then someone would mock them by using this word to describe how that person must feel.
"you would be raging if you were ginger"
by affr February 11, 2007
The act of tripping, usually on LSD.
Are you ready to go rage at the concert?
by Aragorn200Proof July 11, 2005
A term used by hackers for a PC game called Counter-strike (CS).
Used to describe going server to server and griefing other players by using hacks.
"Lets go raging on some CS servers"
"Dude, check out my new youtube video from last nights raging"
by .BAD. Kefka April 01, 2008
1/. adj To Bleed profusely; to gush

2/. adj Inflamed or swollen hemmorhoidal tissue

3/. adv to blather about as if in a pcp-induced trance.
1/. "What a raging gash, Alice!"

2/. "I would sit, but I am raging."

3/. "Blah Blah raging man blah -foam inserted here- blah bloody blech!"
by saanaalle March 17, 2004

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