The art of getting extremely angered or furious.
Dude "get off the rage train!"
by Anonymous February 20, 2003
To jokingly, but seriously complain about people, things, pet peeves, things people do, or lack of doing with two or more people (usually friends).

Type of venting
OMG, I cannot stand the way ____ chews their gum!

I can't believe my mom won't apologize whenever she does something wrong and then says she doesn't have to apologize! RAGING AHHHHH! *slight scream*
by The Rage Police November 16, 2011
Something that douchebags use to describe the extreme partying they do. Partying is much easier and straighter to use
Sean: We raging tonight bro?
Josh: You're a homo!
by theblujew July 10, 2008
To listen to Rage Against the Machine for extended, yet thoroughly intense, periods of time.
Yo, broski, I was raging so hard last night to Bull's On Parade.
by Undead Kennedy December 22, 2010
taking lots of adderall and staying up all night to do homework or study for a test
"did you study for the test tomorrow"
"no but were raging tonight right?"
by partytyme04 November 15, 2010
This word can be used to describe an act of rage; to get angry about anything or

This is often also used to describe eagerness and can be used as a verb i.e Keen

Can be used to describe pain
Anger - "What a wanker, Im raging at Sammy"

Eagerness-"Randall and Eric are raging keen for their wedding"

Pain - "Princess hurt her ankle and it was raging" says bobby
by I is bored kid August 20, 2009
Partying hard to techno. Not to be confused with Raving, which is the lesser version of raging. Raging usually takes place at large parties, clubs, and occasionally when you are home by yourself.
"Dude, you want to come drink some brews and chill at my house tonight?"

"Nah, fuck dat pussy shit, I'm bout to be raging all night"
by Doin' it Big June 22, 2010

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