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short for ragged out. most likely in reference to a car.
"have you seen john's celica?"
"man his shit is ragged!"
by rov3rt August 23, 2004
18 18
to beat or fuck
1.mans ragged that little fucker all over the place.

2.ugh! you bin raggin her?!
by mc benny b August 25, 2003
79 49
To Have Sex With someone.
I Ragged Pat Butcher.
by Adam Roberts April 26, 2006
70 42
To be 'owned' or humiliated in some shape or form.
Haha, that man just got ragged by that girl.
by garyb99999 May 29, 2013
14 1
To get fucked hard. And take everything in and enjoy it.
"Yeah I ragged Natarsha Tevaka so hard last night it was so funny"
by JDhunter2 November 10, 2008
25 12
Its a type of slang word and basically means to pull someone by the hair or clothing very quickly. People do it when in a physical fight.
The Welsh use it alot.
"She ragged me by the hair"
by welshgirl01 June 14, 2010
14 5
To get ragged - to go out on the town and get your rag on.
To get drunk, or otherwise inhibriated. To have a good time.
Get your glad rags on we're off to get ragged. I got well ragged last night.
by katiebizzle January 24, 2007
41 35
Word meaning to do something in a hurried manner.
"She was so horny she ragged his kecks (trousers) down and devoured his dick!"

"I ragged this motorbike so hard that the engine blew up!"
by hammeth January 22, 2008
18 14