Stupid beyond all rationality.
That is so ragged.
by Exploding Boy February 09, 2003
short for ragged out. most likely in reference to a car.
"have you seen john's celica?"
"man his shit is ragged!"
by rov3rt August 23, 2004
To argue without any care or attention. To verbally argue for the sheer hell of it. Arises from the word Ragged in relation to sleeping with someone of dubious respect or looks.
"Man, you're here ragging on anyone"

"I didnt come here ragging on you guys, i was making a real point"

"he totally ragged yesterday"
by Barry Whites October 12, 2006
to be robbed, or to have been robbed in the past
Last night the bookies was ragged
by Anonymous April 10, 2003

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