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Doing something, not necessarily extreme, to the extreme.
1. "Dude, did you see my brosef total our Camry?"
"Yeah, he was raging it too hard"

2. "I just got a 30 rack and a fifth of vodka"
"KID rage it"
by dude kid August 06, 2007
36 7
raging it= partying. usually really hard. often times this occurs at a biscuits show -or even more frequently, at the hotel later on.
ways to rage it include:
-eating a 10 strip
-spelling out your name in blow
-schwilling jim beam
by mulberrysdream March 22, 2008
33 18
to RAGE it is to go into a competition the underdog, but come out the significant winner

Based on Rage Against The Machine becoming Christmas number one in 2009 over the X Factor winner Joe McElderry who was expected to win like the previous winners
Eg.1 Can you believe Fulham beat Manchester United 3-0!

Yeah they totally Rage'd it

Eg. 2 I dont care if Apollo beat me last time, I'm gonna RAGE it!
by ThatWalrus December 20, 2009
5 13
To party way harder than usual. Probably because it's Spring Break or something.

This is kind of a girls only phrase because it sounds totally gay coming out of dudes.
I just paid a homeless guy to buy us a sixer.
Rage it, Betch.

by B Easy March 04, 2007
1 11