Another word for crap.
Charlotte: "I'm bored!"
Ian: "Yea this party is rag!"
by KiBeCh February 01, 2009
Ragging someone out is a term for fucking somebody very, very violently. It's origiin is from ragdolls, which when shaked move around violently.
Person 1: Mate, I'm going to my girls house tonight

Person 2: Are you gonna rag her out?!

Person 3: obviously!
by CalRoLuTom May 30, 2010
(random act of gayness)

When a person randomly says or gestures something extremely gay for no apparent reason.
A R.A.G is commited when a person (such ryan wilkinson) randomly whips out his tiny cock and asks his friend to draw a penis on it.
by swilk May 13, 2010
"Rag" is slang for a poor quality paper or publication.
I don't read the Chronicle anymore - it's been a rag since News Corp. bought it.
by frick1 February 24, 2010
A sexual act that people want to perform when they see a 'raggable' object or person.
'Dude, you see that car?, I'd so RAG that.'
by Someone who'd get ragged. February 07, 2010
Acronym; Stands for Randomly Acting Ghetto Syndrome, where one burst out in gangster-type slang or accent at random times. It is uncontrollable, but not contagious.
Kim: OMG, I love Lupe, his beats are so ill! He's the sickest rapper out there!

D: RAGS moment? I think so.
by DWall + Kiwi August 04, 2009
a rare carnivore found in the country of Swaziland.
The rags was eating my neck.
by a fuffy camel May 23, 2009
when you, or your chick get all moody and shit beacuse she's on her period ;

she's basically bi-polar, & when he doesn't tell you why, you get angry.. then when she does, your dumbass says some dumb shit to make it worse
ahh fuck! my chicks' on her rag

why you being such a bitch? get off your rag

are yu on your rag, 'cause you been acting all bi'polar and shit
by &roni; hollaaa(: April 12, 2009

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