Another word for crap.
Charlotte: "I'm bored!"
Ian: "Yea this party is rag!"
by KiBeCh February 01, 2009
Random Ass Grenades

When a noob points his thumbstick up and lobs a random grenade to kill even the most versatile of players.

Usually afflicts COD and Gears players. Coined in late 2006.
That noob keeps throwing RAGs and killing me 2 seconds after I f*****g spawn!
by pwallet June 18, 2012
A form of "regs" (regulations) that is often used by police or other low level legal workers to describe older law books or court documents that are printed/written on cotton paper (rag paper). This is most often used as a diminutive term for the regulations written on them.
Legal Council- "We should consider a recall of all the affected units from the retailers before they hit the market"
Corporate thug 1- "I think the retailers leveraged our production line, so maybe we should check the rags again.."
Corporate thus 2- "You'll need a plunger, cause we all wiped our asses with them during that export to Brazil"
by gwayn November 30, 2011
Any act of terrible hand eye coordination in any sport, especially hockey, where the offender looks like a total jackass. The offender usually has a douchey haircut, and when wearing skates, his/her ankles bend unto the point of serious joint damage.
"Bro, why didn't you dish it to me in the slot?"
"Sorry, I pulled a Rags."
by the falcon15 November 15, 2011
short for raggard which is another way of saying haggard. Having a gaunt, wasted, or exhausted appearance, due to prolonged suffering, physical exertion or anxiety, someone who is very worn out.
1. man I've been studying for my big math mid term all night, im so raaaag
2. I haven't been this rag since since that year I spent in military school
by robbo1234 November 06, 2011
Retarded AND Gay...meaning ridiculously stupid and f-ed up. (nothing against our gay and lesbian friends, so don't be rag and start crap)
Why does she have to be so rag?

My phone is being rag.
by warmice September 29, 2011
The name comes from a poorly documented 30s Indian comic strip about a mischievous boy who pranks others. Often in conjunction with the name, the title "the Fags" is used in the thirties context, referring to the cigarettes Rags is supposed to resemble.
Rags the Fags stole the teacher's masala, then blamed it on Anupama
by Jeffrey Chen September 29, 2011
When Gerald Mcpartland acts RUDE
He isn't replying back..... ugh R.A.G
by Monaaaaay May 07, 2011

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