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Short for Rafael (Classic painter from Spain)
or San Rafael Valley, AZ (US location)
a. Hey...look at that painting seems a Rafa !
2. Lives at Rafa (San Rafael Valley, AZ)
by chaman March 07, 2006
28 26
nickname for tennis player Rafael Nadal, world #2 and Wimbledon champion from Spain.
Did you see Rafa beat Federer today?

I <3 Rafa.

Rafa is amazing on both clay and grass.
by tennisfan July 10, 2008
118 35
Short for Rafael, a Spanish name.
Rafa, don't be so cabron, man.
by yo-rican February 21, 2004
65 38
Gareth Ward, once a shadow who reaked havoc on corporations and basically everything on a network, and now a fully legit network security specialist
Hey RaFa, got fatter sinse you joined the enemy, ey?
by noid November 05, 2003
51 42
Handle used by a prolific netcard spoofer/ web defacer.

Nobody knows his exact whereabouts, the media place him in Brazil yet the tech-elite suspect he may be in the UK.

Many suspect RaFa to have worked with Spetsnaz.
That was so RAAAAAAAAH!
by Little Fish March 20, 2005
29 27
Someone who is very mysterious, quiet but on the inside she's a wild beast. She has trust issues but is trustable. Give her love and she will love you.
oh my gash Rafa is such a biatch. No, she's just sad.
by thename April 03, 2013
5 5
Where is he? Who is he? Nobody knows, sources say he's been incarcerated for some sort of suicide attempt, I think that's just a conspiracy though. All in all, he's the king of the net. We salute you, Master Ward.
trust comes gradually! ~ rafa (2001)
by Tsutomu Shimomura October 01, 2004
31 33