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2 definitions by jumanji

In colleges, any Resident Advisor who utilizes smooth talk and deep-throating abilities to gain the favor of his or her superiors. Rafas are notoriously famous (some would say infamous) for their rusty trombones.
rafas everywhere: "Oh sir, you look tired today. Let me get the door for you. And while I'm at it, let me take your pants off and suck your cock for a while. Hmmmm..."
by jumanji November 30, 2007
A movie that has been made into a cultural phenomenon for no good reason. It's a dollar theater movie at best. Just like Snakes on a Plane, the hype was way better than the movie.
Man 1:Man Superbad was awesome! Best movie ever.
Man 2:...What are you, retarded?
by Jumanji November 05, 2007