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A high end swiss watch brand that is mostly unheard of, because most rappers on MTV aren't rapping about it. The watches are made of sapphire crystal and other scratch proof materials. The watches are pretty expensive, and there are a lot of knock offs around.
Guy 1: Nice watch!

Guy 2: Thanks.

Guy 1: What kind of watch is it?

Guy 2: Rado

Guy 1: What's Rado?
by User123 April 12, 2007
Can kick EVERYBODY'S ass in ANY sport and means 'pimp' in gangster terms
Look at that Rado gettin' them hoes nigga
by luker316 April 30, 2008
Nickname for VW Corrado. (commonly used by Volkswagen enthusiasts)
Wooaah, look at that jetta coupe.....I mean Rado.

I just threw some nice Schmidts on my rado.
by Street.Nations September 15, 2008
The noun for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Reins from the German decent of Radonstiegen. Meaning to obsess over ones personal belongings, family and the love of each one of them; to show off ones personal belongings to self
The teacher had pure rados of his manuscript. He began reading it over and over again to the class for the hundredth time that hour.
by radoslover May 10, 2010
a person who terrorises tall slim kids with huge dicks
oh noo , Rado will beat me up
by RADOUUKEN February 29, 2016
To Call someone a "rado". Pronounced "Rahh-doe". Can be used when you are angry, happy, or sad. Original Oakville word, from sta.
"Andres, did you spill the milk? You little rado!"

"You bought me a tiffany necklace? Thank you! You little rado!"
by yomothaschesthair April 12, 2009
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