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Having sexual preferance to Radio Stations. A term commonly used to describe AM radio listeners (sometimes FM, online, Short Wave, Satellite or Terrestrial Digital and amature).
1. radiosexual
1. being sexually attracted to or
2. sexually active with a radio set or radio station or radio station equipment (transmitter or studio side).
3. someone whos goal in life is to be a member of as many radio station listener/social clubs as humanly possible.
4. someone who has more radio station request line email addresses in his address book than he does of his own f2f friends.
5. Someones whos computer and personal collections of radio station websites and associated equipment supplier websites rival there heterosexual and homosexual friends porn collection or exceeds them in size.
6. someones whos favourites folders only has AM / FM / DTI / FCC etc.. as names for the content inside.
7. someone who involves himself in the local pirate radio scene to indulge his passions sexual and social for radio stations and radio contact.
8. someone who is a radio amature legaly or illegaly for the same reasons of sexual contact with radio station eguipment and or radios for sexual gratification.
9. somone who is online soley for the purpose of getting more radio stations and haveing faster access to those he loves or desires sexualy.

etymology: latin, radio- spread; english~sexual

adj : sexually attracted to AM and FM online, amature stations, Short Wave, Satellite or Terrestrial Digital. the stations equipment(studio or transmitter i.e. non studio outside like the tower)objects
n : someone who practices radio-sexuality; having a sexual
attraction to radio stations there equpiment (studio or transmitter i.e. non studio outside like the tower/ studio like the cart machine)objects

1. Radiosexual
1. I swear my roommate is a radio-sexual. She just sits there by the radio, obviously turned on by the static drifting musings of Coast to Coast AM and french canadian pop music.
2.I dont have a girl/boyfriend right now, I love all night radio (am or fm, online, digital show name here) so basically im just a radio-sexual.
4. The station Radio Tay is sooo cute, id like 10 minutes alone with it to show it just what a radio sexual can do for it.
5. Oh god dont let Tim touch the radio. Hes a radiosexual you know. Mr North Sound in and out of the station.
6. Radiosexual so that means you want to have sex with your radio right or a radio station or both.... its both btw.
by DJMir May 19, 2005
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