A lemur. Likes to think that it is not cute and cuddly but is very much like a lemur. Related to the squirrel.
Person 1: What a cute animal!
Person 2: Thats a radhika.
#cute #radhika #cuddly #midget #hot
by Bearth December 07, 2005
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the hottest girl ever like seriously this girl is so beautiful, and damn that smile! it just gets u! god but shes so freakin picky about her boyfriends, there are literally 25 guys just waitin for her to go out w/them, but shes so picky and waitin for the "right" guy.... god i wish so bad that she was mine!
wow that beautiful girl over there looks like a radhika
#beautiful #indian #girl #pretty #desi
by miles08 December 06, 2006
the definition of perfection. the perfect girl, gorgeous face, amazing body, best personality and real down to earth. absolutely perfect.
Perfection is Radhika.
#radhika #perfection #gorgeous #beautiful #sexy
by Sebbers February 12, 2008
a cool girl who is well rounded and throws great parties
Radhika is a cool girl.
by Gustad March 06, 2005
She who embodies supreme focus, mental clarity, Beauty, intelligence, and good fortuned one.
You just know when a Radhika walks in. She's like a goddess.
#beauty #intelligence #focus #mental clarity #good fortune
by tamara45 June 21, 2011
Radhika's are the best! They are super sweet and caring and beautiful! They have great personalities, witch are very up beat, happy and easy going! They are amazing best friends, they will stick by you forever! They are always up for trying new things and will always go in with an open mind set! Radhika's tend to fall easy for guys, but once she is hooked on that special someone she will never let go. Radhika's are also funny and great to hang around with!
Boy 1 " Hey who is that?"
Girl 1 " Oh thats my best friend Radhika!"
#beautiful #happy #radhika #sweet #caring #amazing
by carlssoccerfan December 30, 2011
radhika - from the glen waverlian radical car - literally means to be awesome and bring joy to everyone she meets... is smart and funny and has a divine love for rnb on the outside but cries for house on the inside... absolute top chick

someone awesome who is sweet is like radhika
#shiv #radical #awesome #ishita #rad dog
by Ishaan August 20, 2006
the sweetest person I will ever know. she's creative, intelligent, eager, compassionate, and splendorious. She's so understanding and open to talking about anything. She's not perfect, but even her flaws are loveable.
Radhika will be in my heart forever.
#perfection #beauty #love #silly #splendorious #amazing
by Chrysanthemum May 05, 2012
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