Check oot dowie downing that fuckin bottle o bucky, he's goin to be a fuckin radge later on tonite
describing a person's behaviour
by Pure wee radge gav by the way March 19, 2004
Top Definition
one who is not all there; a bit mental. someone who likes to noise others up and get into fights.
fuck off ya wee radge cunt before I kick fuck oot o' you!
by victoria haywood January 25, 2003
Mentalist, idiot, cunt
Bolt ya radge
by Red Bull 1690 October 24, 2003
1- insufferable nippy little shites that are commonly found drinking in Edinburgh's "Lothian Road" and "Rose ST".
look at that wee radge bastard, he wants twatted
by pax September 15, 2003
To go radge is to get really angry. Could involve shouting, kicking/hitting inanimate objects (or people) and just generally unleashing pent up rage.
When I found out someone had broken into my car I went radge.
by Mike Forbes March 22, 2006
Has a wider meaning of anything or anyone that has gone beyond the bounds of regular behaviour, generally because they are crazy.
Wee Ricky got a purple mohawk. Thats a fuckin radge haircut, likes.
by SaltyDog23 May 29, 2007
Word meaning, slightly deranged, and possibly violent, with a calm exterior, and unexpected consequences....
A radge, right, is basically right, somebody would say to yeh, aw, how e gettin oan, how e dain, hows yer family dain, aw yer gettin oan, hows yer brother dain, gid tae see ye again, STAB!!!!! right......
by bitchtits445 January 16, 2010
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