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An ideologue who acts under the decades-outdated belief that gender, sexuality, and all parts of the human mind are learned and have no basis in biology. Radfems are most commonly seen trying to ban pornography or lecturing parents about what they must teach their children lest they be responsible for raising a rapist. They are also often seen campaigning against medical and legal rights of transsexuals, advocating the idea that transwomen are men who dress in drag to try to rape real women, stirring up fear of rape in general, and calling evolutionary scientists bigots after confusing evolution with "social Darwinism."
That woman actually wants to see men forcibly castrated. She must be a radfem.
#radical feminist #sexist #transphobe #prohibitionist #anti-science #rape #rape culture #evolution #pornography #gender
by nomorepseudonyms August 02, 2012
A feminist who is more interested in revenge on the male gender than gender equality.
"Beth is such a radfem. She constantly assumes all men are the same as the worst man."
#feminism #fanaticism #intolerance #gender #patronising
by Earthyling February 19, 2015
A radical feminist who often blogs and posts about sexism
"Beth is such a Radfem, she thinks everything I post is sexist!"
#rad fem #raddfem #rad femme #radfemme #tumblr radfem
by Sprung 06 January 23, 2014
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