When a boy or man has sex with 3 of his girlfriend's or wife's closest friends.
Blake's girlfriend's name is Alisha; For Blake to radar he must fuck 3 of Alisha's best friends.
by WyattJaws July 16, 2011
slang term for a chick with two eyes always looking in two different directions...
"hey check out radar over there. Who the hell is she talkin to, the lamp, or the plant??"
by crimson capper March 17, 2009
a cigarette (part of a new language called "Cataline")
hey foo can i get that shoe (refer to shoe) to spark my radar
by dudesafuckinpussy December 13, 2010
3rd party Hacking Program used by Losers in MMORPG's to detect and locate enemies from afar.
Losers Like Zeik and Vanesse used RADAR and got perma-banned from "Dark Age of Camelot" for it.
by Mythic Anti-radar patrol April 05, 2005
A google eyed geek wearing glasses like the nerd that played the camp clerk in the TV show M.A.S.H.
Person 1: Who's that over there chatting up your girl?
Person 2: Some fucking Radar she met in class. She's doing him a favour by being his friend.
by Saddened by Reality May 17, 2008
As with the Previous use of radar to spot a hottie, "A" radar is any hottie with Breasts large enough to be spotted on a radar device.
Bruce: "oh my, got a major radar at 6 o'clock"
James: "daaaamn, them some dirty pillows for the likes of Paul Bunyan"
by Chris Adams August 07, 2006
Acronym for Radio Angle Detection And Ranging. The earliest acronym included Angle, but was soon dropped.
See that RADAR over there at the airport?
by Jason November 24, 2003

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