Being afraid of another race
Lulu is a racist because she wont ride her school bus near the "apartments" where there is a higher percentage of african-americans than caucasians. I believe this applies to racism
by skinzfan010203 September 30, 2007
People who be hatin!
White: Dont Make Fun about that African American!

Black: Why'd u call him dat? Thats Racism! You Never call a black man an Afican American Because you dont Have the balls to say Black or Nigga!
by Chris Breezy August 16, 2007
One of the most simplistic things in such a complex world and yet nobody can solve it or is willing to solve it.
Police using race as a way to arrest people- Racism
by CTD May 30, 2006
of, or relating to the mockery of black people
"I saw a black guy riding a bike he probably stole earlier today,"

"What the fuck? that is racism"
by DolanDuk March 28, 2013
An accusation of a anyone who has come to have an opinion of another due to their own critical analysis and reasoning of what they have witnessed or experienced when they have had encounter's with another species of man.
Fear causes racism.

When a puppy dog and a kitten come face to face for the first time the puppy generally chases the kitten as it see's it as something to play with, through fear the kitten fights back and scratches the dog. The dog gets hurt and runs away. When the puppy grows into an adult dog and see's a cat it will bark loud to scare it and let it know it's there, then chase it with anger as it remembers what happened the first time it encountered that four legged but different looking creature. Is this called racism. No, once you witness this you understand the dogs attitude causing it's behavior.

If a different looking two legged creature scares another two legged creature it is only due to language and communication that our fears become irrelevant.

Language and communication should eradicate fears amongst what is supposedly the most intelligent form of life.

Eradicate fear amongst the different species of mankind, then racism maybe eradicated from both our dictionary and vocabulary.
by getrealplease January 20, 2012
Something that every white person condemns until they have to actually live or work around black people
Jerry always saw racism as the product of ignorance and malice until he took a job in the inner city and was confronted on a daily basis by evidence for the genetic inferiority of negroids.
by sap cultivator December 05, 2011
Is a common fascination among middle school-aged pre-teens. The two less dominate places it can be found in; immature 16 year old boys, and old rednecks primary in the south.
Racism: making fun of Hispanics form:"dude, i swear there are spics everywhere at school!" "yeah, that's because they were born here, they don't know how to hop a fence"
African Americans: (who says that? don't black people just like being called black?) black guy:"nah man, sice originated from us, you wouldn't get it" white kid "nigga what chu talkin bout?" "damn man, that's just to far..."
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