Intolerance due to personal, national ou international ignorance. Often associated to europeans or North-americans but in reality nearly everyone believes in some racist ideas. The only Way to fight it is to be Aware that we're Not obviously right in our own beliefs but just different.
Racism: To think Black People aren't as intelligent as asian People, asians can't be taller than my little brother and all arabs are Muslims and terrorists. Search islam and muslim on Urban Dictionary.
by Beuhamed August 13, 2014
The belief that the human specie is somehow subdivided into subspecies, usually identified by an undefinable quantity of skin pigment. i.e. racism is any belief that there are such things as human races.
Non-racist: "What's a race?"
Racism: "I am white, black, yellow, green, etc."
Ultra racism:"You are racist"
by CrazyHungarian January 23, 2012
Proof Arians are more Superior then every other race.
You call me a product of racism. When all i know... Is your skin is a ugly color!
by FurFur January 25, 2009
A national card game in which the players cannot be told the rules. It includes shouting random things, such as "Penis!" and "Support the Rabid!"
I love to play racism because it confuses people who don't know how to play.
by Henry Ferguson April 03, 2008
Being afraid of another race
Lulu is a racist because she wont ride her school bus near the "apartments" where there is a higher percentage of african-americans than caucasians. I believe this applies to racism
by skinzfan010203 September 30, 2007
People who be hatin!
White: Dont Make Fun about that African American!

Black: Why'd u call him dat? Thats Racism! You Never call a black man an Afican American Because you dont Have the balls to say Black or Nigga!
by Chris Breezy August 16, 2007
of, or relating to the mockery of black people
"I saw a black guy riding a bike he probably stole earlier today,"

"What the fuck? that is racism"
by DolanDuk March 28, 2013

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