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A state of mind in which one's skin is a better color than someone else's.
see crap
by i am whatever you sam i am May 20, 2004
Intolerance due to personal, national ou international ignorance. Often associated to europeans or North-americans but in reality nearly everyone believes in some racist ideas. The only Way to fight it is to be Aware that we're Not obviously right in our own beliefs but just different.
Racism: To think Black People aren't as intelligent as asian People, asians can't be taller than my little brother and all arabs are Muslims and terrorists. Search islam and muslim on Urban Dictionary.
by Beuhamed August 13, 2014
The belief that the human specie is somehow subdivided into subspecies, usually identified by an undefinable quantity of skin pigment. i.e. racism is any belief that there are such things as human races.
Non-racist: "What's a race?"
Racism: "I am white, black, yellow, green, etc."
Ultra racism:"You are racist"
by CrazyHungarian January 23, 2012
1. Racism is usually unfair discrimination towards someone who's skin color is different.
2. Lately, racism has become the first line of defense when someone says something you don't agree with.
3. Also, a lot of people have been trying to declare someone as racist because they something regarding the color brown.
1. Bob: Man, fuck all these black bastards!
Joe: Hey, man, not cool. Racism isn't nice.

2. Tom: I think that your report was poorly wrote and it was painful to listen to.
Jim: Man, fuck you, it's because I'm black, isn't it? Fucking racist.

3. Random person: Hey, do you prefer white milk or chocolate milk?
Other person: Uhm, I like white milk.
Random person: OMG! DUDE! YOUR SOO RACIST!
Other person: THE FUCK? Since when is white milk a race? O.e
by DoesMyNameRealyMatter? January 25, 2011
The combination of power and racial prejudice when that prejudice affects the power. Note that racism can happen with any racial prejudice and any power structure.
When Jim Crow laws used racial prejudices to enforce mandatory segregation, the prejudices became racism.

If Person A will no hire Person B because of a prejudice against Person A's race, that is racism.

If someone random person yells a slur at you, it is prejudice, but not racism, as that person has no power over you.
by noreallyguysreally December 09, 2010
1. Something that mostly white racist people complain about.

2. Another reason for white racist people to obsess over people of color.

3. Something done by people who hate themselves so much they have to project it onto other people.
1. See almost every other definition

2. Racist: How come black people can say...how come black people can do...how come black people get...how come black people...black people...black people...*goes home and jacks off the black porn*

3. Me: Why are you racist?
Racist: I hate myself because my mother never hugged me.

racism is lame
by dipperripper August 18, 2008
An absolutely hilarious part of any modern society. Often founded on sensitive truths of those with far too much pride for their income bracket.
Black people look like monkeys and love to commit crimes, this is considered racism, when it's actually just a simple fact.