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Belief in or advocacy of preferential treatment for or unusual burdens upon persons of a particular race, because of that race rather than other reasons.
Denying Negros voting rights in the US was an example of racism.
by Esse April 21, 2005
somebody named peter that is retarded or acts like it
peter stop being a petard and quit lighting my hair on fire!
by esse March 23, 2005
Chicano slang meaning "troublemaker". Groups beyond Chicanos have become familiar with the term and may use it.

Specific fashions might be adopted by people seeking to project a "cholo" image, but no particular appearance is necessary to be a troublemaker or cholo.
<i>Zoot suiters might think they are being so cool, but with the war on they are just being a bunch of cholos.</i>
by Esse March 28, 2005
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