It's a word we all know and a word misused. Racism is hatred, ignorance, idiotic, misunderstanding, and labeling. Who you are should not be defined by the color of your skin, but what you do and how you do it. There are no different races, there are different cultures, and that is what makes us different. And that is where racism takes place. We judge and discriminate before we get to know and understand who they are. Some are closed minded, and believe to be superior to another. And there is lies the problem. No one is. For all men, women, and children are created equal and should be treated as such. Everyone has feelings, dreams, and aspirations to be somebody, to do something important in their lives, and one day might face harsh prejudices in their life that makes it almost impossible to accomplish their dreams. It falls only onto us to stop dividing people, making judgments and stereotypes of people, and to understand we are one race, and that is the human race which has different cultures. Everyone is human and we are on this planet together, the ignorance of racism, the hatred, the violence between each other must be stopped to live peacefully together.
Racism is when someone stereotypes another culture and is used as an insult to degrade them.
by Organicmoon December 06, 2014
The belief that the human specie is somehow subdivided into subspecies, usually identified by an undefinable quantity of skin pigment. i.e. racism is any belief that there are such things as human races.
Non-racist: "What's a race?"
Racism: "I am white, black, yellow, green, etc."
Ultra racism:"You are racist"
by CrazyHungarian January 23, 2012
Racism is a tool of the power elite to deprive the common man of Liberty and property by blaming a small, powerless minority for all problems in society. The plebeian is so distracted by alleged "inferior" races, he has no notice or knowledge of his enslavement by his Government. Racism is often employed under the guise of Reason;unknowingly the same proponents of racism allege that the individual does not exist. Racism is often employed by statists (KKK,Mecha,New Black Panthers) who desire nothing more than having the power of God over Man.
National Socialist:Jews are secretly in control of Germany! Rid yourself of Liberty and give the State all power! White Power!
(Resulted in the enslavement of the German people)

New Black Panther: Vote for Obama! Give the Executive all power, if you refuse this you are racist! Black Power!
(Resulted in the Executive becoming a dictator and waging war against 6 nations at once]

Chinese Communist: Give all power to the State! Distribute all wealth equally, and give the Chinese People a leader they can trust! Han Power!
(Resulted in the enslavement of the Han Chinese to a tyrannical Government)

Racism leads to the dehumanization of all Men,intended or not.
by NewSonOfLiberty September 05, 2011
1. Racism is usually unfair discrimination towards someone who's skin color is different.
2. Lately, racism has become the first line of defense when someone says something you don't agree with.
3. Also, a lot of people have been trying to declare someone as racist because they something regarding the color brown.
1. Bob: Man, fuck all these black bastards!
Joe: Hey, man, not cool. Racism isn't nice.

2. Tom: I think that your report was poorly wrote and it was painful to listen to.
Jim: Man, fuck you, it's because I'm black, isn't it? Fucking racist.

3. Random person: Hey, do you prefer white milk or chocolate milk?
Other person: Uhm, I like white milk.
Random person: OMG! DUDE! YOUR SOO RACIST!
Other person: THE FUCK? Since when is white milk a race? O.e
by DoesMyNameRealyMatter? January 25, 2011
A poor excuse for hate
Random Boy: Eww Look at my skin I look sooo Mehican

Random Girl: Gosh! You RACIST bastard. Go spread your filthy racism somewhere else
by LovelyLexy March 23, 2009
1.)Ignorance at one of its purest forms.
2.) Belief that things are negative of one due to their race.
3.) Studpidity.

Note; Racism does not include MENTIONING ones race, and does not include steotypical statements about that race. It's purely hatred of that race.
Racism exists in the world.
by iMySElfxOx January 20, 2009
A national card game in which the players cannot be told the rules. It includes shouting random things, such as "Penis!" and "Support the Rabid!"
I love to play racism because it confuses people who don't know how to play.
by Henry Ferguson April 03, 2008
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