The act of discrimination between the human races, recognising their genetic differences both physical and mental, their behaviour and culture, and appraising those differences. Also the beleif that multi-culturalism is wrong.

In today's society the term is strongly political, and many people synonymize the term with hatred, bigotry and fascism.
"The Bell Curve" (by Harvard professors Richard Herrnstein and Charles Murray, 1994) was one of several scientific and intellectual studies that encountered strong political opposition because it concluded that the average African-American trails 15-20 IQ points behind the average European. All authors were accused of racism.
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by free thinker June 22, 2007
the act of being racist
He used racism when he called a black guy nigga
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by waterbottle189 March 27, 2015
a crime in which one race finds themselves superior to other races.
KKK I'm not racist. racism is a crime, and crimes are for black people.
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by effyourlife December 26, 2011

1. a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race

2. racial prejudice or discrimination
1. I believe in racism because everyone knows Asians are superior to Europeans when it comes to mathematics; their brains are wired that way.

2. Because we belive in racism, we usually hire latinos for this work because they are more suited to it.

2. Is it racism if a restaurant will not seat mix race couples because they do not want their kind around? (yes)

(The above examples do not reflect the authors beliefs.)
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by PJE August 12, 2009
hating another race, religion, etc...

commonly mistaken by stupid people for only being between whites and blacks.
it can be between any race.

i am white, i hate native american people. im racist.
((i dont really hate native american people))
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by nikkimarie. March 18, 2008
1. (verb) ray-siz-um:
the act of criticizing another due to colour of skin used in a deragatory manor.

2. (verb) ray-siz-um:
an act partaken by people who are ignorant enough to sterotype people based on society
"im sick and tired of those motha fuckin cracka's always usin racism against our people"

"that nigger's usin' racism"

"hey calm down hong choi, no need to use racism. now wheres my egg drop soup"

"oh shit? is that camel jockey tryin to get crunk with me? breakin out the racism card are ya"
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by Matty Boy G September 09, 2007
It's a word we all know and a word misused. Racism is hatred, ignorance, idiotic, misunderstanding, and labeling. Who you are should not be defined by the color of your skin, but what you do and how you do it. There are no different races, there are different cultures, and that is what makes us different. And that is where racism takes place. We judge and discriminate before we get to know and understand who they are. Some are closed minded, and believe to be superior to another. And there is lies the problem. No one is. For all men, women, and children are created equal and should be treated as such. Everyone has feelings, dreams, and aspirations to be somebody, to do something important in their lives, and one day might face harsh prejudices in their life that makes it almost impossible to accomplish their dreams. It falls only onto us to stop dividing people, making judgments and stereotypes of people, and to understand we are one race, and that is the human race which has different cultures. Everyone is human and we are on this planet together, the ignorance of racism, the hatred, the violence between each other must be stopped to live peacefully together.
Racism is when someone stereotypes another culture and is used as an insult to degrade them.
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by Organicmoon December 06, 2014
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