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Racisist is the name given to an extreme racist, who always jeers abuse at different races.

Man A: Did you hear the joke about the Chinese man and the Negro?

Man B: You are such a racisist man


Guy A : I hate all those fucking gooks!!

Guy B: Man, dont be such a fucking racisist
by Blackburnman04 March 21, 2009
A person that often uses the word racist.

A person that randomly accuses people of being racists.

A person that often claims not to be racist while being overcompensating towards people based on their racial attributes.
My mom is a racisist, so you can't wear that Charlie Chaplin mustasch if you want to go to my parents house for dinner!

Those racisist extremists elected Obama because of the color of his skin!
by MJAO,MJAO June 12, 2011