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Common spelling mistake for "ratchet." The people who misspell it this way usually use it to describe something as being nasty or disgusting, and are usually very ghetto people.
Person 1: That rotten apple is so rachit!

Person 2: 1) A ratchet is a socket wrench, and 2) its "ratchet".
by F1B3R0PT1C5 July 03, 2013
cool, in a unique sense
his unique attitude makes him rachit
by vanessa_l February 17, 2008
The ultimate cool person, a unique creation of god
man that guy is a total rachit
by dart vader February 13, 2008
Name for a sexy beast who gets girls with a wink!
An absolute legend and the fact that he has a really nice toothbrush can't be denied(i want that brush).
His coolness extends beyond all space and time.
Marry me Rachit?
Girls be like: Omg! Rachit is here! Can i have an autograph please?
Boys be like: Damn! Rachit is here.... How'll we get any chicks now!
by ThisOneGuyYouKnow! August 16, 2014