Name for a sexy beast who gets girls with a wink!
An absolute legend and the fact that he has a really nice toothbrush can't be denied(i want that brush).
His coolness extends beyond all space and time.
Marry me Rachit?
Girls be like: Omg! Rachit is here! Can i have an autograph please?
Boys be like: Damn! Rachit is here.... How'll we get any chicks now!
by ThisOneGuyYouKnow! August 16, 2014
Common spelling mistake for "ratchet." The people who misspell it this way usually use it to describe something as being nasty or disgusting, and are usually very ghetto people.
Person 1: That rotten apple is so rachit!

Person 2: 1) A ratchet is a socket wrench, and 2) its "ratchet".
by F1B3R0PT1C5 July 03, 2013
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