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1. The disorganized utterances of a large crowd, usually as part of a mob.

2. When someone takes a disorganized approach to speaking out against something, the result being an incoherent collection of syllables.
1. Before George Bush took the stage, the crowd that had gathered to see him could be heard: "...screw the poor...rabble rabble...kill the brown people, go to war...rabble rabble..."

2. After George Bush took the stage he was quoted saying " ... rabble rabble... Iraq... rabble ...Al Qaeda... rabble rabble... Liberty...Freedom... business... rabble rabble..." - which is actually a direct quote from every speech he has ever made.
by ken.cc May 08, 2005

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talking in meaningless syllables
Sashank was talking, but all I heard was "Rabble Rabble."
a meaningless phrase often repeated in aguments
the conversation as follows:
"You fucked my girlfriend"
"Did Not"
"RABBLE RABBLE!" and so on...
by OX October 14, 2003
An expression of being, often in connection with the theft of hamburger goodness.
I just stole these hamburgers without Ronald noticing! Rabble rabble!
by Boekelheide March 12, 2003